jeudi 12 janvier 2017


         This blog is the fruit of the efforts of the T-earn Club pupils in the Pioneer Prep. School of Monastir, TUNISIA. Three levels have contributed in this blog: 7th, 8th and 9th forms. 
Our project is concerned with "Pocket Money", but as we are working as a "LEARNING CIRCLE" with other schools in different countries, we have also contributed to their projects. Hence, this blog is a compilation of the work of all the schools in the circle including ours.

mardi 3 janvier 2017

Circle Teachers and Schools

The "Learning Circles" space is facilitated mainly by Barry Kramer from the USA. This circles called PPM1 (Places and Perspectives Middle School 1) is co-facilitated by Harmeet Kaur, from India.
Here is the list of all the circle teachers and the schools taking part in the circle projects.

+Harmeet Kaur ----- Kamla Phagwara, Punjab, India
- Anil Vithanage ----- Kandy, Central Province, Sri Lanka
- Besma Maraoui ----- The Pioneer Prep. School, Monastir, Tunisia
Dorina Vacari -----Drochia, Moldova
Elena Aginskaya -----Bobruisk, Moguilyov, Belarus
Fatemeh Mirkhosravi -----Tehran, Iran
Mendy Kanu -----Freetown, Eastern Area, Sierra Leone
Natasha Belozorovich ----- Starye Dorogi, Minsk Region, Belarus
Neha Bhalla ----- Kamla Phagwara, Punjab, India
Sufiya Dekhkanova ----- Lipetsk, Russia